Bundle Set - Minh Long : Luna Dutch Oven 2L with Lid + Betty Bossi : Nacho Roller + Rose Roller

by HealthyCook
Save 40%

Luna Dutch Oven + Lid 2L (FREE 0.4L Stock Pot)

by HealthyCook

Stewing, braising and cooking made quicker!
A better, healthier lifestyle with HealthyCook Premium Pots

Designed to maximize infrared radiation's properties in cooking by absorbing, dispersing and retaining heat evenly, our products can cook food faster and thoroughly, keeping its original colors and nutrients, therefore, giving 6 healthy benefits: no toxin accumulation, more nutrients retained for consumption, better food made for digestion, more healthy enzymes generated, reduce cardiovascular diseases and mitigate cancer risks through cooking.

FREE 0.4L Stock Pot (Worth $36) While Stocks Last


  • Made from Premium Macrobiotic Porcelain
  • Boiling, steaming without water, stewing and braising made quicker!
  • Enhanced with Infrared rays
  • Allows food to be cooked faster, inside out in more effective ways
  • Waterless boiling and steaming made possible
  • High thermal shock resistance (0°C to 800°C
  • Extreme durability: Anti-crazing, Anti-blistering, anti-peeling
  • Premium, elegant and ergonomic design
  • Perfect for making soups, stews and even rice


  • Lead free and No toxic accumulation
  • High retention of nutrients
  • More healthy enzymes generated, better food for digestion
  • Reduce cardiovascular diseases and mitigate cancer risks through cooking
  • Reduces the risk of accumulation of carcinogens.


  • Capacity: 2L
  • Comes with lid
  • Made in Vietnam
  • For use on gas, infrared stoves and oven
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Anti-corrosion, non corrosive by acid and alkali, retain pure taste of food
  • Made from natural and rare clay materials  


    Opening diameter: 23.58cm
    Bottom diameter: 11.4cm
    Height: 14.41cm

    Nacho Roller

    by Betty Bossi

    For pastry production

    Ready, set, go! It’s that simple! Just use the roller to cut the dough, season to your liking, and bake, and finished are your crispy party favors that for sure will impress!

    • Quickly and easily made nachos or tortilla chips in various varieties
    • Imaginative seasoning and toppings
    • Colorful, crunchy and tasty party appetizers
    • Clever rolling instead of time-consuming cut-outs
    • Little waste, thanks to seamless cutting
    • Ideal for doughs up to 5 mm thick
    • Includes recipe booklet: ideas for savory chips, clever dips and fine finger foods


    • Dimensions: 17 x 9 x 5 cm
    • Material: plastic
    • Color: yellow
    • for crispy-crunchy triangular nachos, tortilla chips and crackers
    • ideal for homemade corn dough
    • Roll out crunchy triangles in an instant, season, bake and then break apart
    • a highlight for any party or a cozy snack evening at home

    Rose Pastry Roller

    by Betty Bossi
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    Save 39%

    Create a homemade bouquet of puff pastry roses using the Betty Bossi Rose Pastry Roller. Quickly and easily prepare a variety of dough pastries in a rose shape.

    Surprise your friends and family with the ultimate edible rose flower decoration! This pastry is sure to impress at every celebration and deserves a noble setting; because it almost looks too good to eat! 

    The offset wave cut creates a stunning petal effect for your sweet or savory roses. You'll be able to make muffin-sized, rose-shaped cakes like a pro when using the Rose Roller.

    • Quickly and easily prepare a variety of dough pastries in rose shape
    • A classy eye-catcher
    • With various filling options
    • Perfect for weddings, Mother's Day or other festive occasions
    • Ideal for doughs up to 1/8 inch thick
    • Ideas for sweet and spicy rose pastries
    • Includes a recipe booklet


    • Material: Durable, easy-clean plastic
    • Color: grey/pink
    • Dimensions: L 6.69 x W 3.54 x H 1.58 inch
    • Hand wash

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