Flat & Drain

by Guzzini
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Defining design per Niklas Jacob is like defining art, an impossible task, since it's relative. You still hear the paradigm: Form Follows Function. True, unless the form is the function. Tools must be usable, hence functional but not all design objects are tools. Some are meant for other purposes. The system designed by Niklas Jacob is modular, well coordinated and organised for the whole sink area.

My Kitchen Flat&Drain is a dish drainer/draining board that can be used anywhere thanks to the water collection base. Small in size but with great capacity, it can hold up to six complete place settings. The cutlery drainer can be fixed to the drainer, forming a single unit for dishes and cutlery. It has a removable base for easy water removal and cleaning. It is a space saver and is easy to store. Dishwasher safe, it is the perfect tool for organizing the sink. Made in Italy. D

material: SAN|PA|PA + FV|TPR|PMMA|Stainless Steel|Magnets
sizes: 36 x 36 x h5 cm

- Up to 6 place settings
- Maximum capacit in the minimum space
- Universal drainer base
- Easily stowed/compact/space-saving
- Can be used anywhere thanks to water collection base
- Removable base for easier water removal and cleaning
- Dishwasher Proof

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