Flaxaprene 2 Pot Grabber

by Kitchen Grips
Save 25%

Duncan Kitchen Grips pot grabbers are perfect to handle those hot pots, pans and dishes. They provide amazing protection against hot surfaces and easily help move cooking vessels from oven to table. Non-slip grip, non-skid, raised nub surface creates more insulation between the hand and heat source. Made in USA. Made of a non-porous material that stops bacteria growth. Stain resistant. Stains wash off unique FLXaPrene material with ease.

  • Created with unique, non-porous flxaprene material that prevents stains that cause bacteria buildup on the glove
  • The raised nub surface pattern is engineered to provide a better, safer, non-slip grip
  • Designed to be heat-resistant, protect your hands from hot and cold temperatures from 500-degree f/260-degree c to-134-degree f/-92-degree c
  • The raised nub surface texture creates more insulation between the hand and the heat source
  • Water-repellent, protects hands from steam and liquid burns, even when wet

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