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Luna Dutch Oven + Lid 1L

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Stewing, braising and cooking made quicker!
A better, healthier lifestyle with HealthyCook Premium Pots

Designed to maximize infrared radiation's properties in cooking by absorbing, dispersing and retaining heat evenly, our products can cook food faster and thoroughly, keeping its original colors and nutrients, therefore, giving 6 healthy benefits: no toxin accumulation, more nutrients retained for consumption, better food made for digestion, more healthy enzymes generated, reduce cardiovascular diseases and mitigate cancer risks through cooking.


  • Made from Premium Macrobiotic Porcelain
  • Boiling, steaming without water, stewing and braising made quicker!
  • Enhanced with Infrared rays
  • Allows food to be cooked faster, inside out in more effective ways
  • Waterless boiling and steaming made possible
  • High thermal shock resistance (0°C to 800°C
  • Extreme durability: Anti-crazing, Anti-blistering, anti-peeling
  • Premium, elegant and ergonomic design
  • Perfect for making soups, stews and even rice


  • Lead free and No toxic accumulation
  • High retention of nutrients
  • More healthy enzymes generated, better food for digestion
  • Reduce cardiovascular diseases and mitigate cancer risks through cooking
  • Reduces the risk of accumulation of carcinogens.


  • Capacity: 1L
  • Comes with lid
  • Made in Vietnam
  • For use on gas, infrared stoves and oven
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Anti-corrosion, non corrosive by acid and alkali, retain pure taste of food
  • Made from natural and rare clay materials  


    Opening diameter: 19.43cm
    Bottom diameter: 9.38cm
    Height: 11.66cm


    About Minh Long Healthy cook

    Minh Long Healthy cook Premium Porcelain is introduced after more than 14 years of research. Made with rare clay and fine materials such as kaolin, feldspar, quartz, etc. Painstakingly selected from qualified mineral mines. Macrobiotic porcelain is also safe for daily use, non-reactive with toxin accumulation and fully compliant with RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) issued by the European Commission. Does not release common toxic substances such as lead, cadmium during cooking, hence, reduces the risk of accumulation of carcinogens. 

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