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Popcorn Maker Red

by Lekue
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Now you can pop popcorn in the microwave without having to use the pre-prepared bags of popcorn for the microwave that can be purchased commercially . You do not need a giant popcorn machine on the bench in the kitchen. Instead , use just plain popcorn corn and this clever popcorn bowl with lid for popping in the microwave. Pour popkornkärnor silicone bowl , add a small dash of oil , a little salt or other seasoning , put the lid on the dish and tuck the whole glory in the microwave . After 3-4 minutes on high power , you get perfect popcorn. Along with popparen you also get recipes for popcorn with some interesting flavors.

  • Poppa of plain popcorn maize
  • No burnt pots
  • Done in 4 minutes

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