Set of 4 Pastry Rollers

by Betty Bossi
Save 61%

Enjoy great saving from this set of 4 rollers - Rose, Croissant, Nacho and Cracker.

Croissant Roller: This Croissant Roller helps you to make mini croissants quickly and easily. It's efficient, precise and elegant — the perfect tool to add to your baking kit.

Cracker Roller: Homemade crackers not only taste the best, but you always know what’s inside: healthy and, if required, gluten-free ingredients. With spices or creative toppings you can turn it into a real snack sensation.

Rose Roller: Create a homemade bouquet of puff pastry roses using the Betty Bossi Rose Pastry Roller. Quickly and easily prepare a variety of dough pastries in a rose shape.

Nacho Roller: Ready, set, go! It’s that simple! Just use the roller to cut the dough, season to your liking, and bake, and finished are your crispy party favors that for sure will impress!

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