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Five Cool Ideas for an Inspired Outdoor Décor

Warm weather is upon us and you’ve got to start getting your outdoor area ready for entertaining and enjoying! No matter what type of outdoor space you’ve got, these ideas will give you inspiration for how to spruce up the space and make it as visually pleasing as possible.

Columbia Set by Keter: $899

Rattan style patterned furniture in a neutral color such as grey or white add a unique touch to boring patio furniture and make for great sets to use in outdoor dining. Your guests will be thoroughly impressed with the elegant outdoor setting you’ve set up for them.

Homes & Gardens | Photo by Nick Pope

Give your outdoor space a fresh look that will match any home. Sticking to a monochromatic, clean color palette will give your space a polished look without overdoing it. Choose essential pieces like a round table, chairs, and umbrella in grays, whites or beiges.

Knit Cozies M by Keter

Another great way to add unique décor to your outdoor space is using hanging planters. The subtle addition adds a beautiful look to any backyard or patio and is an easy way to add pops of greenery if you don’t have enough.

Country Homes and Interiors | Photo by Lucinda Symons

Take your porch to the next level by adding a few items such as a day bed, potted plants and plenty of pillows. These items will make your space perfect for lounging around and taking a leisurely nap in warm weather!

Homes & Gardens | Photo by Simon Bevan

Sometimes you just want to step outside and feel like you’re in a tropical getaway. Decorating your outdoor space to look like your on an island is just what you need! Add a colorful table, some bright chairs, and plenty of palm tree décor to give you your island feel.

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