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About Keter Plastic

Keter Plastic Ltd. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of resin-based household and garden consumer products. A one-stop-shop for plastic storage, organization products and furniture, Keter strongly believes in improving people’s daily living.

With an extensive product portfolio, Keter Plastic aims at maximizing the consumer experience through consumer insight driven innovation and by offering a wide range of attractive and functional household and DIY product categories. That includes; garden furniture, outdoor storage boxes and sheds, shelving systems, utility cabinets, kids products and more...

Why buy our Keter Outdoor Furniture? 

Keter Corfu with Open Weave Rattan Style Design

Keter Corfu with sturdy comfortable weatherproof cushions

Keter Corfu designed with ergonomic comfort

Open-Weave Rattan Design

The upscale look of rattan furniture with the robust resilience of Keter’s polypropylene resin construction for maintenance-free patio seating with a woven texture that will not fray, fade or peel.

Weatherproof Cushions

The Corfu Armchair and Loveseat include luxuriously thick, weatherproof seat cushions that tastefully accent the rich rattan brown or the cool contemporary tones of the grey.

Ergonomic Comfort

Ergonomically engineered for ultimate comfort, the ergonomic armrests and reclining, cushioned seat backs ensure you will enjoy your Corfu seating all day long!

Mix and Match to Fit Your Needs

Keter Corfu with cozy outdoor seating for two

Keter Corfu patio furniture is perfect for outdoor conversational seating areas

Keter Corfu individual grouping seating arrangement

Cozy Seating for Two

Create a romantic cozy getaway space just for the two of you. The Keter Corfu Loveseat pairs nicely with the Corfu table or other patio table to create a nest to chat and unwind together.

Conversational Seating

Arrange your ergonomic Keter Corfu chairs into a variety of creative groupings around the Corfu Table and encourage your friends to mingle in relaxed comfort at your next gathering.

Individual Groupings

One or two Corfu Chairs and Table fit nicely into any smaller outdoor or balcony space and give you a cozy peaceful place to curl up in comfort the next time you want to escape into a good book.



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