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What is a Shed Used For?

Outdoor Structures and Garden Buildings

A shed is a small building used for storage or as a studio or office, usually situated in a backyard or side yard of a residential property. Sheds can be simple or elaborate, small or large, store-bought or a project for the do-it-yourselfer. Materials and styles often mirror main residences, although simple pre-made models can be situated at the back or side of a property, away from the view of the house.



Sheds are used for various purposes, including:

  • Potting or for storage of gardening supplies, like containers, soil, seeds, and tools.
  • Storage of a lawn mower and yard equipment.
  • Miscellaneous storage.
  • As a studio or office, separated from the main house.

A well-built shed with proper ventilation can be used as a child's playhouse, freestanding office, greenhouse or art studio. Sheds have grown in popularity during the past decade as the desire for and manufacture of prefabricated (prefab) housing has increased.

Potting Sheds

keter outdoor shed plastic waterproof storage factor 6 x 3

A potting shed is a simpler alternative to a greenhouse, and is easier to construct. It can be a structure with a barn-like sliding door, or can have regular doors with glass panes to allow in natural light while working. Some are made of recycled materials, which cuts down on costs. Most are not intended to be a space in which to grow plants for long periods of time, and are simply spaces to work and keep garden supplies.

Storage Sheds

keter oakland outdoor garden shed waterproof sg house

Before they became popular as studios and retreats, sheds were usually built to store all those things in the garden that needed to be housed under one roof. This includes garden equipment, toys, sports equipment, tools, and basically anything that was is used in the yard.

Some echo the architectural style of the main residence, while others are prefab structures that come in just a few styles in materials.

If you're ambitious, you can make a storage shed from a kit recycled materials. Just make sure it is constructed of weather-resistant materials, well insulated, has some sort of lighting, and is easily accessible.

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Also Known As: Playhouse, hut, lean-to, tool shed bike shed, potting shed

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Storage Shed Buying Guide

Is the garage so packed with stuff that you have to park your car in the driveway? Or is the attic so full that the ceilings are starting to sag? Or is your garden full of tools and equipment that you don't even know where to store? If this sounds like your home, a storage shed is just the space-expanding solution you need.

keter outdoor waterproof storage factor 8 x 6 large storage sg

    Material Choices

    singapore plastic shed outdoor garden use waterproof sg keter

    Whether galvanized steel or aluminum, metal storage sheds are usually coated with a tough, baked-enamel finish to prevent scratches and rust. These sheds come in a variety of colors and offer years of maintenance-free service.

    Vinyl sheds are built with double-wall vinyl panels to resist dents. The panels are made to exact standards for a snug fit and solid construction. Many come with paintable steel doors for extra security and long service life. Best of all, the entire structure can endure practically all weather extremes and is virtually maintenance-free.

    High Quality Plastic (With steel reinforcements)

    Plastic sheds can provide a great solution to all your garden storage needs. Pick from a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your space and be at ease knowing that their weather-resistant structure will last. Plastic sheds are also popular due to their durability, ease of maintenance and assembly.

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    Size guide for sheds

    Sheds come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. Refer to the diagram to see which one would work best for you.


    Small sheds are anything under 80 square feet. These outdoor units are good for hanging tools and storing lawn and garden supplies including a push mower, pots, bags of fertilizer and soil. 

    These sheds are approximately 90 to 120 square feet in size. They can hold larger garden equipment such as riding mowers, bicycles and bulky equipment.

    These sheds typically range from 144 to 288 square feet. Large sheds can handle anything from large pieces of lawn equipment to recreational vehicles. If you're feeling creative, turn your shed into a workshop or hobby space.


    If there's something you want to add to your storage shed, chances are it's available as an accessory. Here are a few examples:

     keter shed ramp slope

      A sturdy set of ramps is a must for moving wheeled power equipment or hand trucks into or out of your shed. Almost all of Keter sheds comes with sloped threshold for easy moving of items in and out of the shed! 


      keter oakland shed window sg keter oakland skylight outdoor shed sg

      Windows and Skylights
      Natural light increases visibility and makes the space more user-friendly. In most cases, you can even order shutters and window boxes to accompany your windows and further enhance the aesthetics of your shed.

      Increase the useable space in your shed with a loft. It allows you to park the mower underneath and still have a solid storage platform overhead.


      Organize your tools and materials on handy shelves designed by the manufacturer specifically for your shed. Some bigger sheds like the Factor 6 x 6 and 8 x 6 comes with free shelf kits and hooks for hanging your tools as well! 
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      Work Benches
      If you plan to use the shed as a gardening or hobby shop, a good workbench is an essential.

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        Beyond Outdoor Storage

        paintable outdoor shed garden furniture sg high store

        Sheds are great storage solutions for everything from mowers to motorcycles. However, their spacious design, high durability and easy assembly make them excellent choices for some other uses you might not have considered.

          You can order windows and partitions to add to most outdoor storage. Paint them bright colors and use your imagination to make a garden shed the perfect playhouse for children of all ages.

          Hobby or Craft Hut
          No matter what your hobby is, you're sure to find a barn or garden shed that's just the right size for your needs. Just think, you could have a room to spread out all your materials and a private work space all your own.

          She Sheds
          Similar to a Man Cave, the She Shed is where a woman can get away from it all. Take one look on social media to see the creative ways that sheds are being used. Beautiful windows and French doors are added, as are window boxes, Dutch doors and even front porches with twinkling lights. Some are turned into mini-greenhouses, writing nooks or simply used as a calm oasis away from the chaos of everyday life.

          Our high store, grande and patio shed even comes with paintable walls that allows you to customized the design and outlook of the shed to suit any of your theme and decor! 


          All Keter's sheds come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step assembly instructions.

          Professional Installation
          All sheds by keter comes with free delivery and free installation by our professional team of installers! So you can focus on other bigger things like how to organise and what to store in your shed, while you leave the nitty gritty installation to us! 

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          Five Cool Ideas for an Inspired Outdoor Décor

          Warm weather is upon us and you’ve got to start getting your outdoor area ready for entertaining and enjoying! No matter what type of outdoor space you’ve got, these ideas will give you inspiration for how to spruce up the space and make it as visually pleasing as possible.

          Columbia Set by Keter: $899

          Rattan style patterned furniture in a neutral color such as grey or white add a unique touch to boring patio furniture and make for great sets to use in outdoor dining. Your guests will be thoroughly impressed with the elegant outdoor setting you’ve set up for them.

          Homes & Gardens | Photo by Nick Pope

          Give your outdoor space a fresh look that will match any home. Sticking to a monochromatic, clean color palette will give your space a polished look without overdoing it. Choose essential pieces like a round table, chairs, and umbrella in grays, whites or beiges.

          Knit Cozies M by Keter

          Another great way to add unique décor to your outdoor space is using hanging planters. The subtle addition adds a beautiful look to any backyard or patio and is an easy way to add pops of greenery if you don’t have enough.

          Country Homes and Interiors | Photo by Lucinda Symons

          Take your porch to the next level by adding a few items such as a day bed, potted plants and plenty of pillows. These items will make your space perfect for lounging around and taking a leisurely nap in warm weather!

          Homes & Gardens | Photo by Simon Bevan

          Sometimes you just want to step outside and feel like you’re in a tropical getaway. Decorating your outdoor space to look like your on an island is just what you need! Add a colorful table, some bright chairs, and plenty of palm tree décor to give you your island feel.

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          These Five Houseplants Can Survive in the Lowest Light

          If you live in a house or apartment that doesn’t get ideal amounts of light, you’ve probably wondered if it’s even worth it to add houseplants to your décor. Won’t they just shrivel and die? What’s the point?

          Well, not all houseplants are created equal, and these varieties types actually thrive in low-light situations.

          The Calathea is a houseplant with patterned leaves in beautiful tones such as rose, white and yellow. They’re beautiful markings make them a perfect addition to any room. The best part? Too much light might actually fade their lovely markings so they’re actually better off in your darkest corners.

          The Dieffenbachia thrives under filtered light so using a curtain as a barrier between the plan the sun is idea, especially in light-filled seasons like spring and summer when the plant is producing new tender leaves.

          The Dragon Tree’s spiky leaves that grow upwards with a red outline make this plant beautifully unique in its look. However, direct sunlight actually damages it’s leaves so it’s better to keep this one in the shade.


          The Spider plant is known for its extreme adaptability skills, making it easy to grow and quite popular as a houseplant. The best part about it is that it does not need your constant attention and blossoms in indirect light.

          This plant’s glossy leaves have earned it the nickname the “sweetheart plant”. It can withstand dimly lit rooms, but requires pinching to prevent it from growing in long, single stems. 

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          Cleaning outdoor garden furniture


          Cleaning garden furniture

          Bird droppings, food stains, leaves and sand do nothing for your garden furniture. Some people love to have a massive clean-out, but it’s definitely not my hobby. I want it all to be done as quickly as possible. Bottles of garden furniture cleaning products, that promise I have to do very little myself, are usually the ones that jump out at me whenever I go to the store. Yet still, I just walk on by, looking for a new, soft brush. After a long summer brushing out the rabbit hutch, mine definitely needs replacing.

          Then, I get home and it starts to rain, so I quickly consider putting my garden furniture away without having first cleaned it. However, my moment of weakness quickly subsides when, a little while later, the sun starts shining again. With my new, soft brush, I calmly sweep up all of the fallen leaves, sand and other bits of dirt off my table and chairs
          Yet, here and there, some stubborn bird droppings remain. Especially in the edges of the wicker.

          The best way of removing it, is to use a soft sponge with a mild soap. First, soak the stain, without scrubbing it hard. Then, wash down the rest of the furniture at the same time and rinse everything down with a garden hose. Never use a high-pressure hose, a scouring sponge or agressive cleaning products,as this can damage the wicker. There are special wicker cleaning products which are often sold by garden centres, but more often than not, water and soap is more than sufficient.


          outdoor weather resistant furniture waterproof garden sg

          Protecting your garden furniture

          Everything is clean again and I’d like to keep it that way. As planned, I clear a cosy space in the shed where I can store my furniture for the winter. Sadly though, it is time for plan B. The shed is bursting with everything my housemates swear should be kept. So with a lot of hassle, I can wedge two chairs in there, but then the bicycles get completely stuck. What a hassle! Can’t I just leave my garden furniture outside? Yes, you can! But for the sake of longevity, a protective cover is definitely advisable for your garden furniture, so I’d better head back to the store for a cover.

          However, there’s so many to choose from, for lounge sets, stacking chairs and dining sets, that for a while, I’m actually a bit dazed by all that’s on offer. Fortunately for me though, an extremely helpful sales assistant comes to my rescue, and after his clear explanation and help, I decide to go for long term pleasure. I choose a sturdy cover that is both water and UV resistant, but also special ventilation holes to allow it to breathe, as this prevents any mould forming on my set. The bottom edge is elasticated, so it’s really easy to pull the cover over so it fits firmly into place.

          After a hard afternoon spent scrubbing, I feel completely satisfied, despite the fact that cleaning isn’t my most favourite hobby. Whilst cleaning, many great memories came flooding back to me, of cosy barbecues, coffee dates and the countless hours I spent in the garden. 

          Do you have any tips for maintaining your garden furniture? Share them with us on our Facebook page.

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