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Freshen Up Your Laundry Routine With These Quick Tips!

Laundry's always a chore, aint it? But before you let the extra clothes pile up,
consider these quick tips for a better, more organized laundry room! 

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Let’s face it: digging your son’s grassy, muddy baseball jersey out of his hamper is not the best part of your day. And discovering caked-on infant spit-up from last week on your husband’s favorite cotton work button-up is just as terrifying. Likewise, you’ve been wondering what to do with the fleece blanket from your couch that you spilled wine all over during movie night. Instead of chasing everyone’s individual messes, centralize them in your laundry area with a big, freestanding—and washable—laundry bag. That way, the moment a mess happens, it doesn’t have to travel far to get cleaned up. Teaching your kids to drop off their own dirtiest laundry will encourage independence, too, and you might even get a helping hand out of it. Stinky mess? Place a fragranced dryer sheet at the bottom of the bag to soak up the smell. 

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Small kiddos accompanying your chores? Even the laundry room can be a place for playtime—that pile of clothes is perfect for a game of peek-a-boo—so make it a safe and accessible space for your tiniest tots. A space-saving upright storage cabinet is a great place to put those detergents, fabric softeners, spot cleaners, and dryer sheets up and away from your children. With different sized cabinet options for larger rooms or smaller spaces, tidiness and organization is truly possible for everyone. Also, the most useful storage cabinets come with locks built in, effectively keeping out your most curious kids—and keeping chemicals contained for a safer, happier household.

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The secret to a happy household is efficiency: the less time spent doing mundane but necessary tasks (like laundry), the more time is left for fun! There’s no need to spend extra time fetching all the essentials for clean clothes when everything is literally within your grasp. Installing a sink next to your washer and dryer is ideal for hand-wash items and spot treatments. If you have no running water, it’s no problem: be sure to keep a sturdy spray bottle of water in your new cabinet for quick spritzes. Also, storing an ironing board nearby—in between the washer and dryer to name one option—is doubly convenient as a folding station. 

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