Ready, Set, Ride—Your Guide To Bike Care and Storage

Everyone’s favorite mode of transportation, the bicycle, is ready for the road now that the weather is nice. Whether you’ll be biking to work, training for a race, teaching your children to ride, or simply biking for pleasure, frequent maintenance and proper storage are essential to the life of your bicycle. Make the most of this two-wheeling season with these care and storage suggestions.



Begin the season with a bicycle inspection to make sure your ride is in tip-top shape before hitting the pavement. First, check the air in your tires to make sure both front and rear are properly inflated. They should feel firm to the touch, but not too firm. Next, ensure that the front and rear brakes are working properly when brake handles are squeezed. And don’t forget to take a look at your bike’s chain—this piece is the most essential to a successful ride. If it’s dirty, it can be cleaned with soap and water, or a degreaser for extra dirt. Note: if you’re inspecting your children’s bikes, be sure to have them hop on for a seat adjustment—a year’s worth of growing can greatly affect their positioning and comfort.



Accidents happen when you’re on the road, so stave off the inevitable by being prepared. In case of a flat tire, a mini bike pump and set of tire patches will come in handy. Since the chain is fundamental to your bike’s working order, a chain lubricant will help it run smoothly—just be sure to choose a wet or dry lubricant depending on your typical riding environment. And even though it seems simple, carrying a small clean rag will always come in handy for cleaning up parts that get jammed up by grime.



 Keter's Factor 8x6 Shed


Garages aren’t always the best place for bike storage, given they are not always climate controlled, not to mention you might not have space for your family’s growing bicycle collection, clustered together in the garage. If your garage isn’t insulated, leaving your bicycle there for an extended period of time subjects its chain to rust. Choosing a storage shed of durable, weather-resistant resin for protection from the elements, and more importantly, moisture is the best solution for keeping your prized possessions clean and dry during the offseason—or even during those summer thunderstorms. 


Keter Outdoor Grande Shed Bike Storage

Grande Shed

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