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How to perk up your patio

How to perk up your patio

Small changes: big effect

Want to spruce up your patio without breaking the bank? 

Finishing touches

Details are everything when it comes to styling a space. Bring fresh appeal to your outdoor furniture with the addition of gorgeous scatter cushions.
Keep cushions and accessories in tip-top shape and out of the weather, by storing them safely in a patio box. 

Keep it in proportion

Work with the space that you have! If your patio is on the smaller side, opt for a bistro-style dining set or smaller lounge configuration. Large outdoor sets and dining tables should be used in spaces that can well accommodate them.

A place for everything, and everything in its place

The first step to creating any perfect space? Tidy, de-clutter and store. Even if you don't have space for a large garden shed, a medium-sizes outdoor storage unit will do the trick. Choose a unit that is all-weather, lockable and covered by manufacturers warranty, such as the High Store (pictured here)

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