Spray Mop Kit Pocket 130 cm

by Nordic Stream
Save 32%

This Spray mop kit includes a 130 cm handle with integrated trigger and spray nozzle, a 0,5 L bottle, and a microfiber wet mop pad.
It´s easy to spray needed water or detergent in front of the frame with the trigger and the bottle is refillable with water or any cleaning agents. The microfiber mop is optimal for wet mopping and works efficient on all kind of hard floors. 

Mop Set includes:

  • Sturdy Handle Stainless Steel 130 cm x 1
  • Microfiber Wet Mop Pad  x 1
  • Mop Frame Pocket Version x 1
  • Refill bottle x 1 


  • Designed in Sweden
  • Refillable bottle to clean floors with water or any cleaning agents
  • Easy to use and clean around home
  • Perfect for wet mopping and is ideal for all kind of hard floors
  • Press on trigger to release cleaning agent to mop floor
  • Durable product designed for a longer lifetime

Add on the Mop Storage hook for easy storage and hanging!



130 cm sturdy stainless steel handle with 0.5 l bottle.

2. Pocket Frame
Sturdy quick click frame

Microfiber mop optimal for all kinds of wet mopping, the fibers absorb the dirt with capillary force. 88% POLYESTER 12% POLYAMID


About Nordic Stream
Inspiration from the creative part of Sweden. 

We are experts when it comes to cleaning. A complete cleaning assortment with its roots in professional cleaning now made available for everyone. We focus on design and quality, in all aspect. All our products go through extensive testing, to ensure durable products designed for a longer lifetime. 

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