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Stackable Storage Shelf Brooklyn

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Make your home more space-efficient with MakeRoom Brooklyn Stackable Shelf! You can use these stackable shelves to organize and store your items. Perfect accessory and organizer for your kitchen cupboards. Simply place it inside cabinets or on fixed shelves.

SPACE-SAVING ORGANIZER: Perfect accessory and organizer for your kitchen cupboards. The stackable rack is easily placed in your kitchen cabinets or on shelves. It can hold light and medium-sized plates, saucers, and bowls.

PRACTICAL CABINET SHELF: Can be used as a single rack or stacked to maximize space in your cupboards. The shelf is sturdy to ensure that your kitchen essentials are secure.

POLYTHERM COPPER COATING: This storage shelf is treated in Metaltex’s exclusive
Polytherm Copper coating. The specialized double-layer coating is rust-resistant, even in damp environments. It makes the shelf organizer shockproof so that it won't chip or be easily damaged.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Tools aren’t required to assemble the shelf.  The rubber feet ensure it remains secure.

Made in Italy

L 47cm x W 23cm x H 15cm

About the Range and Coating Guarantee

Touch- Therm Lava is a new range of storage and organization for the kitchen that avoids the use of tools, keeping your kitchen cabinets always in perfect conditions. Offering a wide choice of practical products: hooks, kitchen paper holders as well as different sized baskets covering your everyday needs in the Kitchen. You can hang each organizer outside or inside of cabinet doors and drawers, to have everything at hand when you are cooking … and all in good order. Products coated in Touch-Therm®

The latest coasting from Metaltex - Touch-Therm coating boosts all the well known properties of Metaltex's protective treatment but has a distinctive and impressive wrought iron look. It ensures resistance against scratches and stains. This advanced coating not only adds an extra layer of durability but also makes cleaning a breeze, allowing you to maintain the pristine appearance of your kitchen essentials effortlessly. With a commitment to excellence, Metaltex stands behind the Galileo Kitchen Range with a 5 year guarantee of quality, not withstanding drops, and hits against the items. 

Color: Black

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